LIMS News Letter Oct 2017

Dear Parents,

Note down the following important dates and winter timings:

Last working day of Mid Term for Classes

Reception to X

Friday   20th  October , 2017

Final Term begins

Monday 23rd    October, 2017

Parent Teacher Meeting & Mid-Year / Send-ups Result Day

( All Classes)  from 8.30  to 11.30 a.m.

Saturday 11th  November, 2017

IMPORTANT: Please note, Result Day is a very special day for us, as it gives an opportunity to teachers to meet you all & discuss the progress of your children with you. Therefore the Result is handed over only to parents / registered guardians. You all must avail this opportunity and come yourself to receive the Result (don’t bring any children /babies along). Tutors, uncles, aunts, brothers, sisters, servants or drivers are not allowed to collect the Result.

Winter Timings:


Monday to Thursday



Classes Reception to I

8.00 a.m. to 2.00 p.m.

8.00 a.m. to 12.00 p.m.

8.00 a.m. to 2.00 p.m.

Classes II to X

7.45 a.m. to 2.15 p.m.

7.45 a.m. to 12.15 p.m.

7.45 a.m. to 2.15 p.m.



1.  Uniform & Personal Hygiene:

All students must come in complete, correct, neat and proper sized uniform. You are advised to strictly follow the School Rules. For uniformity and quality control only two uniform sellers have been authorized for selling LIMS’ uniform. You are advised to buy uniform only from these authorized dealers. School will not be responsible for any substandard item being purchased from unauthorized dealers. List of uniform items and names of uniform dealers can be obtained from the Admin office if required. Regular trimming of hair and nails is essential, boys are required to do crew cut, (spikes and gel are not allowed), wear necktie in proper shape and black belt. All girls must wear simple white hair band and white pony band. All boys and girls must wear School Identity cards and white under garments. Boys must wear simple round toed black school shoes with laces and girls black shoes with buckled straps. Fancy shoes and joggers are not allowed.

2. School Bag:

Students of all classes are supposed to bring the necessary books, note books and workbooks according to their daily Class Work Time Table, so that their bags don’t become very heavy. Bringing of student’s diary, a complete set of stationery and clean drinking water is also essential. We appreciate if they bring packed healthy snack from home.

3. Parent-Teacher Meetings:


Parent-teacher meeting is a time to discuss ways and means not only to raise the academic standards of your child but also to help him develop into a better individual. Teachers need your support to do their job well and we appreciate and acknowledge the interest and co-operation extended by most of you. We have a system of three formal meetings with parents in a year, i.e., at the time of Summer Home Assignments submission, on Mid-Year / Send-up and Annual Examination Result Days. Special Parent-Teacher Meetings are held whenever needed. You can meet with the subject or class teachers as many times a year as you think is required for the better progress and personality development of your child. But you are advised to take an appointment one day in advance and inform the Admin staff, whom do you want to see and what for, so that necessary data can be obtained. Do check telephonically the presence of the required teacher / Admin staff on the morning of the meeting day in order to avoid any inconvenience.


Honors to School

1)  iEarn Pakistan (International Education and Resource Network) K-L YES (Kennedy-Lugar Youth Exchange & Study Program)-- One-Year International Scholarship 2016--2017: 


Hamza Afridi  of Class X came back from USA in June 2017 after completing his 1 year study at Whitehall  High School , Whitehall, Michigan,  under the YES Scholarship Program (2016---2017). For the information of new parents, Hamza got selected for this one-academic year High School studies scholarship after a written test and many rounds of interviews. The program covered his cost of traveling to and from USA, cost of studies and cost of living at USA.

Hamza studied Environmental Science, Field Science, Advance Placement, Business, Economics, Sociology, Creative Writing, History of United States and Photography during his stay at USA. Moreover, he gave seven presentations to about 200 people in the International Education Week,  took part in sports and other co-curricular activities and traveled to 5 more States including Tennessee, Illinois, Kentucky, Georgia and Wisconsin, with his host family. 

Hamza is the second student of LIMS who got this honour,  Furqan Abbas of Class X ( 2015--2016) was the first one who went to USA on the same Scholarship of 2015—2016. Furqan was placed at Rock Bridge Country High School, Virginia, USA, where he studied English, Human Anatomy and Physiology, Creative Writing, Sociology, US History and Arts. He excelled not only at academics but also at co-curricular activities.

2) Leadership Training at Islamabad, Skardu, Gilgit, Bara Gali &  Peshawar:                                  a) With the grace of Allah I, on behalf of the British Council conducted Leadership training at Islamabad

     on 14th & 15th March for the professionals of Grade 17.

b)  School Leadership training was conducted by me for 3 cohorts of School Leaders from 24th April to

     29th April 2017 at Skardu.

c) On behalf of the British Council I conducted Leadership training at Gilgit from 25th to 29th July for

    the Principals of Schools & Colleges and for the Education officers of the Government of Gilgit


d) A one day long training on “Building Teams” was conducted by me at the International Conference

    organized by the Political Science Department, University of Peshawar for the participants of five

    countries and four cities of Pakistan

e) Training of one day long each was conducted at HEART (Higher Education Academy for Research

     and Training) at Hayatabad Peshawar on 28th , 29th August and on 16th October 2017, for selected

     Assistant Professors of Government Colleges of Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa about good Teaching

     Methods and Instructional Strategies.

All trainings focused on developing skills for running educational institutions on modern lines by incorporating international perspectives and global dimensions in education, while retaining our cultural and religious values.

3) International School Award Assessment:

Myself and Ms. Samina Riaz as National Validators of International School Award by the British Council assessed work of Government and Private Sector Schools from all over Pakistan. The 1st Round of assessments took place from 20th to 24th March, 2017, the 2nd Round from 1st to 5th May, 2017 and the 3rd Round from 13th to 20th July, 2017 at Rawalpindi and Islamabad.

 Guidance was provided by me on 8th September 2017, to many schools, who lagged in different standards, for the improvement of their ISA portfolios and relevant activities.


4) Matriculation Result: By the grace of Almighty Allah, the dedication of our teachers , and the hard work of our students, LIMS achieved an excellent result in the BISE---SSC Final Examination, 2017. Both our sections of Girls and Boys of Classes IX & X performed very well and we are proud of them for their achievement. Heartiest congratulations to our students, their families and teachers. Well done!



Events Round-Up

I.                   International Project:

LIMS had the honour of being the first private school of KPK, to win  the International School Award from the British Council in 2012 for three years (2012—2015). In order to apply for the reaccreditation of the Award, we have to carry out various curriculum based activities this year, along with our regular co-curricular and extra-curricular undertakings. The activities undertaken so far in different Sections included the following:

1.K.G. & Primary Section:

      i)  Visit to Naran Park & Zoo: An educational cum recreational visit to Naran Park was organized for Students of Class K.G. ( R & B ) on April 20, 2017. All students along with their teachers had a great day where they not only observed and learnt the names, movements, sounds, size, colour and shape of different birds and animals found in the Naran Zoo, but also played various games and enjoyed their snack together. Bus ride from school to the Park and back was also a new experience for a big majority. The next two weeks had been the follow up activities-weeks, where students did curricular work related to the visit in English, Urdu, Mathematics, Arts and Environmental Studies’ classes.

       ii) My Colourful World : The second Activity for the Kindergarten Section was celebrating the colour week with the theme My Colourful World from 8th to 12th May, 2017 . Classes from Reception to 1 were given different days and separate colours to show them the beauty added to the world due to the presence of colours. Children and teachers wore dresses of the given colour, brought snack items/ food items, toys, other objects and performed various activities including finger/ hand / vegetable printing, collage work, jelly/ juices/ shakes making, identifying/ sorting, playing colour games, singing rhymes about colours, watching videos, showing/ telling , learning names of colours in English & Urdu and preparing Primary and Secondary Colours. Follow-up Arts, English, Urdu and Mathematics activities related to colours continued for another two weeks.  

iii) Learning A New Language: As part of the Language Learning Activity, the students of Lower Primary Section are learning Balti language from the students of their national partner school i.e., Anchan Public School, Skardu through Skype sessions. Reciprocally, LIMS children are teaching them a little bit of Pashto language. So far two Skype sessions have been held, the first one being the ice-breaking and the second for learning the Courtesy words in each other’s language. Students of both institutions enjoyed interacting with each other and learning the correct pronunciation of both the languages.

2. LIMS Girls’Section:

i) Land Pollution—Recycling:

LIMS Girls’ Section carried out a series of activities as one of the components for ISA, with the theme of Pollution Prevention and Recycling. Students of classes IV to VIII enthusiastically took part in the project which aimed at creating awareness among the students of the school, staff and visitors, about the roles each one of us can play in the reduction and prevention of all forms of pollution. Parents of the students and family members of the participants of the activities were invited to the school where they saw and appreciated the work their children had done. They not only focused on the content on Pollution and its prevention present in their text books but also did extra research for these concepts by using their creativity and imagination for making wonderful, use-able items from recycled material.

ii) Save Water Save Life: Water being the most essential component of life needs to be used with special care but unfortunately it is being used ruthlessly. In order to create awareness among students, staff and other members of society about this burning issue and to inculcate in them a sense of responsibility, students of Class IV to VIII undertook a project called Save Water Save Life. They made models, prepared beautiful charts and Power Point Presentations, collected thought provoking quotes and relevant articles from Newspapers, wrote essays, searched the Net to find out about the existing situation of water scarcity, and proposed ways to save this vital resource.     

iii)  Language Learning: Girls of Class VIII R had two rounds of Skype sessions with SMPN Nigeri Secondary School, Cimahi City, West Java, Indonesia. Students of both Schools partnered with each other to learn basics of Indonesian language and to teach Urdu to them. The first round was the introductory session and in the second one they exchanged courtesy words in Urdu and Indonesian language. The girls on both the parts enjoyed the activity very much and found it very interesting and beneficial. The Skype interactions will continue after the Mid-Year Examination to learn other words/ sentences in each other’s language.

3) LIMS Boys’ Section:

i) Building a Better Society Together:

 LIMS has always been associated with local orphanages of Peshawar, providing them with aid and donations on a regular basis. We provide our students with practical opportunities to learn about the benefits of charity and philanthropic activities.

One such orphanage of Peshawar the Khyber Kore was visited by our staff and students of classes VII, IX and X on 11th , 16th and 25th May, 2017 respectively, taking with them  snacks, books and gifts bought with their own money. No compulsion was imposed on the students, whatever they bought they bought from their own will and every one of them tried to give as much as they could. This was a valuable lesson for our students, in being grateful for the things Allah has provided them, that many others do not have. A Needs Assessment was done by our students and teachers and it was found out that the orphanage was in dire need of room coolers and wardrobes for the children. Everyone in the school chipped in money and alhamdulillah we provided the Khyber Kore with 3 room coolers and 3 large wardrobes. May Allah be pleased with the charity that all of us gave open-heartedly. Ameen.

II.                New Chief Captains, House Captains and Class Captains:

For smooth functioning of School and for assisting  the management in the maintenance of discipline and organization of various events these students were chosen and installed as captains for 2017---2018.

                               LIMS Boys’ Section

Chief Captain

( X B)

Zain-ul-Abideen of  Khadija House

LIMS Ambassador

Hamza Afridi


Abu Bakar House

Ali House

Fatima House

Khadija House


( X B)

Syed Ali Husnain

Tahir Shah

M. Kamran Afridi

Faham Khan

Deputy Captains

( IX B)

Afaq Ahmad

Mohsin Maroof

M.Anas Inam Khan

Shayan Ahmad

                                 LIMS Girls’ Section

Chief Captain

( X R)

Momina Nisar of Khadija  House


Abu Bakar House

Ali House

Fatima House

Khadija House


( X R)

Ayesha Ashfaq Ali

Uzma Shinwari

Summaya Syed

Sara Ahmad

Deputy Captains

( IX R)

Maha Irfan

Haleema Sadia

Maryam Niazi

Ayesha Kamal




     Class Captains (2017-2018)








Imroz Idrees

Aun Muhammad


Farishta Haya

Mohammad Mamoon


Urooj Idrees

Suleman Amir



Wania Kamran

Syed Rayan Haider


Hiba Gul

Azan Mehboob


Afzooda Qazi



Naima Imran

Abu Bakar


Wafia  Rehman

Wali Ahad


Maryam Khan

Summaya Noor


Iltifat Qazi

Gul Rukh Ali


Faryal Ahmad

Shifa Shinwari


Amena Kamal

Maham Noor


Sameera Asghar

Fiza Shinwari


Filza Ali Shah


Naila Subhan



Muheed Shinwari


M. Maaz Inam

Murtaza Khan


Taimur Afridi



Maaz Khan

Basit Ali


Muzammil Shiraz

Yahya Noor


Zeeshan Ahmad

Hamad Ali




Fahad Shah




III.             Staff’s Professional Development and Incentives

I.                   Teacher’s Training Workshops:

i)                    Early Childhood Education: A 10-days workshop about Early Childhood Education was organized by AFAQ (Association For Academic Quality) from 10th to 19th April, 2017 . The Coordinator and teachers of Kindergarten Section of LIMS including Ms. Saman Ghaffar, Ms. Aqdas Pervaiz, Ms. Lala Rukh, Ms. Zeba Maknoon and Ms. Samreen Hakeem attended the workshop and learnt a number of  activities and strategies designed to aid in the cognitive and social development of children in their early school years.

ii)                  Teaching of Mathematics: Oxford University Press arranged a 1-day workshop about Teaching of Mathematics on 19th May, 2017 which was attended by Ms. Zeenat, Ms. Nigar Inayat, Mr. Ehtishm-ul-Haq &  Mr. Jehangir Khan. The resource person Mr. Rameez Inderyas very nicely involved the participants in learning new techniques for teaching of Mathematics.


II.                LIMS Hajj Scheme: With the grace of Allah, we have introduced LIMS  Hajj Scheme for our  staff members from 2017 onwards. Every year the application of the senior most member of LIMS academic, administrative or support staff, with at least nine years of service, would be submitted.  In case of non- selection by the Government application of the same member along with the next member would be submitted once again. This year Ms. Azra Gul’s application was submitted along with Rs. 280,000/- Hajj Fee from LIMS but unfortunately she couldn’t get selected. She with the next senior member would apply the next year again inshaAllah.